The Importance of Annual Check-Ups for Your Pets

Pet care is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. At Holden Animal Clinic & Supply in Holden, MO, we love all pets. It's important to ensure that your pets stay healthy and happy by bringing them in for an annual check-up. It's one of the most important vet visits you can make for your beloved furry companions.

Routine Check-Ups Provide Preventative Care

Seeing the veterinarian every year allows the vet to provide preventative care steps that can only be done in a veterinarian's office. The routine check-up will include yearly required vaccinations and optional vaccinations you might need for different lifestyle needs or boarding. The veterinarian uses this time to run any diagnostic tests your pet's breed may require for its age, do a dental inspection, and other health-related exams. By doing this, the veterinarian can spot things that might happen to your pet before you can and provide a preventative plan in place to mitigate or avoid symptoms.

Proper Veterinary Care Extends to Care at Home

When you visit us for your pet’s annual check-up, our veterinarian can help you with instructions on proper care methods for your pet outside of the normal pet care your pet may already require. These instructions and care tips will become more important as your pet ages or begins developing any common breed-specific issues. Additional pet care you might need to follow at home includes the possibility of switching to a different brand of food, increasing or reducing the amount of food you give your pet, or changing your pet’s exercise habits.

Contact Our Trusted Holden Pet Doctor

Our team at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply in Holden, MO, looks forward to providing you and your pet companion great service. We encourage you to make an appointment right away for your pet’s annual check-up, even it's been longer than a year. We would love to see how your furry loved one is doing. Call us today for an appointment!