Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Whether you own a dog who loves to chew anything and everything, or you're owned by a cat who carries everything from toys to kittens using her mouth, you can understand the need to protect your pet's dental well-being. An animal's teeth, gums, and oral cavity are prone to many kinds of injuries and chronic issues, limiting that animal's ability to chew and/or even threatening his life. Fortunately, your furry friend is among friends at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc., your animal clinic in Holden for top-quality pet dental care.


Teeth, Gums, and General Oral Health for Pets

Sometimes a dental problem in a pet can be relatively easy to spot. For instance, if your pet is pawing at his head, refusing to eat, or showing other signs of pain, you can look inside his mouth for swollen or bleeding gums, pus formation, a foul smell, or obviously broken teeth. Tooth damage can let bacteria infiltrate the tooth and jawbone, causing painful abscesses and possibly moving from the jaw to the heart or other organs. Bacteria are also the cause of the most common pet dental problem: periodontal disease.

Yet another threat to your pet's dental health, and one that can be much harder for owners to notice, is oral cancer. Oral cancer can grow rapidly, causing serious damage to the oral cavity. If it spreads to other tissues, it can also prove fatal.

Our Skilled Veterinary Team Can Detect and Treat Dental Issues

Entrust your pet's dental wellness to our skilled vet team at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. We emphasize preventative dental checkups, including X-rays of the teeth and jaw that allow us to diagnose any problems your pet may be developing in time to provide effective treatment, from infection-fighting antibiotics to extraction of seriously damaged teeth and surgery to remove oral cancer. We can also clean all the tartar off of your pet's teeth, reducing the threat of periodontal disease. We can even provide home care recommendations to help you watch out for dental issues and keep your pet's mouth healthier.

Do Your Pet's Teeth Need a Vet in Holden?

If your pet's teeth are overdue for examination by an experienced Holden veterinarian, we're here to help. Call Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.