Nutrition and Wellness

Your Pet Needs Good Nutrition for Optimal Wellness

If you're a new pet owner, you likely know in general that your pet has to follow a good diet. Beyond that, you might not know exactly what that entails. You know you'll feed your dog or cat some pet food and give them treats and water, but what do you really need to look for to ensure your pet gets the best nutrition possible? Pet nutrition and wellness isn't that complicated, but it can seem like a lot to a new owner. At Holden Animal Clinic & Supply in Holden, MO, we have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your pet’s diet.


Choosing Food and Watching Treats

Your pet will need different nutrition at different stages of its life. Most pet food brands have age-divided products, and your veterinarian can suggest which ingredients you need to look for. While the pet food companies have suggested serving sizes, speak with our Holden vet to find out if those really are appropriate for your pet. You'll also want to have some treats on hand, but be careful with these, as too much of a good thing can contribute to pet obesity, which can lead to health problems down the road.

Many pets enjoy human food, but some handle it better than others. Cats, for example, often love leafy greens like spinach, but some cats don't handle the components of spinach well. You'll need to speak with your vet to find out if your cat can have a leaf or two with meals. The same goes for dogs and dairy.  While those cups of cream for dogs at coffee shops look really cute, some dogs can't have that much dairy. Talk to our vet before giving your pet any kind of human treats.

You'll also need to learn about which foods your pet absolutely cannot have. For example, you likely know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but so are onions. There are many other foods that pets can't eat without getting sick, and you need to memorize that list as quickly as you can.

Let Our Holden Veterinarian Help You with Your Pet’s Wellness and Diet

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