Pet Medical Services

Comprehensive Pet Medical Services at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc.

Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. in Holden, MO, is a trusted name in animal care, offering a wide range of veterinary services for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and even livestock. Our experienced veterinarian and staff provide compassionate and comprehensive pet healthcare to ensure your furry friend receives the best possible attention. Continue reading to learn about some of our comprehensive pet medical services.

Pet Medical Services

Preventative Care

Regular pet examinations are crucial for catching and treating potential health issues early before they lead to significant complications. Our animal clinic offers thorough pet exams to maintain your pet’s health and well-being, including:

•           Wellness checks: An annual pet examination can assess your pet's overall health, including physical condition, weight, dental health, and parasite prevention needs.

•           Vaccinations: Protecting your pet from preventable diseases through proper vaccination protocols is essential to its continued health. We offer core and non-core vaccinations tailored to your pet's age, lifestyle, and risk factors.

•           Parasite prevention: From fleas and ticks to heartworms, parasites can pose significant health risks to your pet. Our animal clinic provides effective parasite prevention plans and medication.

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment

When your pet requires specialized care, Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. has the expertise and technology to diagnose and treat several injuries and conditions. Our services include:

•           In-house laboratory testing: Rapid bloodwork and other diagnostic tests provide valuable insights into your pet's health.

•           Imaging technologies: X-rays, ultrasounds, and other imaging tools help our veterinarian diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.

•           Pet surgery: Our skilled veterinarian can perform several surgical procedures, from routine spaying and neutering to complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

Additional Services for Your Pet's Well-being

Our animal clinic goes beyond standard veterinary care. We offer several additional services to enhance your pet’s quality of life and prevent health complications in the future. Some of these services include:

•           Pet grooming: Our veterinarian can ensure your pet looks and feels its best. They can also provide treatment for several dermatology issues.

•           Dental care: Regular dental cleanings and preventative measures maintain good oral health.

•           Nutritional counseling: Personalized dietary advice helps manage weight, allergies, and other health concerns.

•           Behavioral counseling: We can address behavioral issues like aggression, separation anxiety, or litter box problems.

Make Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. Your Partner in Pet Healthcare

Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. in Holden, MO, is dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our experienced veterinarian, comprehensive services, and commitment to compassionate care make us the ideal choice for all your pet's healthcare needs. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (816) 732-4412 or (800) 342-7680 to ensure your furry friend receives the best care possible.