Pet Wellness Exam

Regular wellness exams can help identify problems early in their progression, allowing earlier treatment, which may be more successful and less expensive for many conditions. Wellness exams or check-ups can also be important to pet care because pets cannot tell you how they feel using words. Instead, a “veterinarian near me” assesses your pet based on conversations with you, observing and physically examining the animal, and potentially more. Pet vaccinations might also be a part of the wellness exam. If you live in or near Holden, MO, and need animal care, contact us at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. to schedule a convenient appointment. 

Pet Wellness Exam

How Often Are Wellness Exams Needed?

It may be recommended that dogs and cats get wellness exams yearly. Upon reaching senior status, it might be recommended that your pet has pet exams more often.

What Happens during a Wellness Exam?

Some elements or the time spent per element of the pet wellness exam varies with the pet’s age and preexisting conditions but generally include:

Measurements: Your pet’s height, weight, heart rate, and temperature might be taken and compared to the previous measurements.

Conversation: The veterinarian will have you share your concerns and ask about the dog’s diet, behavior, and other problems you may have noticed.

Physical Exam: The wellness exam activity involves the physical exam, which includes checking the pet’s coat, skin, and other body surfaces. The veterinarian will also check the eyes and ears.

Prevention: The final element of the wellness exam focuses on vaccines, medications, dietary changes, or other aspects of pet care to improve or maintain your pet’s health.

Each step in the wellness exam may vary based on your pet’s age, history, other criteria, and the veterinarian’s earlier findings. The pet wellness exam is a basic part of proper animal care. It is a core method of understanding your pet’s general health and any modifications that may be needed.

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