Pet Surgery Overview

Are you searching for a veterinarian near Holden, MO? If so, you should visit our veterinarian office at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. Our dedicated team, headed by Dr. Blum, wants to help. Dr. Blum even has special interests in small animal surgery and surgery of large exotic pets.


Surgical Procedures

There are many types of surgery that your pet might need. Here is some basic information about the main types of surgeries your pet may need.

Soft Tissue Surgery

If your pet has a lump or growth, then your pet may need soft tissue surgery to have the lump or growth removed. Specifically, soft tissue surgery refers to surgery on the following soft tissues:

  • skin
  • muscle
  • inside the abdomen or chest

Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet has a bone defect, joint problem, or underwent a traumatic incident -- such as getting hit by a car, then your pet may need orthopedic surgery. Specifically, orthopedic surgery refers to surgery on:

  • bones
  • joints
  • associated tendons or ligaments

If your pet undergoes orthopedic surgery, they will also probably technically undergo soft tissue surgery at the same time, as the veterinarian will have to go through the soft tissue to get to the bones or joints.

Reconstructive Surgery

If your pet undergoes, for example, oncological surgery, they may end up with some soft tissue defects. Reconstructive surgery can help your pet get back to their normal life.

Cosmetic, Laser Surgery

Just like humans, pets can get cosmetic, laser surgery. Some examples of cosmetic surgery for your pet include:

  • cleft lip
  • liposuction
  • nose surgery
  • oral surgery
  • orthodontics

Cosmetic surgery for a pet may sound silly, but it can give pets a better quality of life with increased comfort.

Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc.

It can be scary when your pet -- a member of your family -- requires surgery. In this uncertain time when you don't know what to expect, we want to put you at ease -- as much as possible -- and help you know what to expect. Of course, when you go to any new veterinarian, it is always a good idea to bring your pet's medical history. In addition to this, you should bring any journal or notes that you have on your pet's health and behavioral changes over time.
When you are coming for something as serious as pet surgery, we know that the last thing you want to focus on is filling out forms. Because of this, we provide our form(s) online, so that you can fill them out at your convenience.

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