About Us

After graduation, Dr. Blum practiced at the Mexico Animal Hospital in Mexico, Mo. until the fall of 1990. He then decided to return and provide much needed veterinary services to the Holden-Kingsville area where he grew up. 

On October 1, 1990, Dr. Blum opened Holden Animal Clinic & Supply in the original practice location, downtown. The downtown building had historical significance as it had been used for a veterinary clinic off and on for over 50 years, but was not currently being used on a full time basis. 

Dr. Blum was dedicated to modernizing the facilities and adding more client services from the start and has continued that mission. The move to the present location was completed in January of 1996, which brought many new services with the expanded small animal facilities and the addition of haul-in cattle working facilities. The new building even featured a drive-up window for account transactions and picking up prescriptions and small items. This was a new innovation that was almost unheard of in veterinary facilities at the time. At the time it was completed, the new facility was one of the largest privately owned veterinary facilities in the state. Since that time, the mission has continued with the addition of new technological advances and new services. 

Several associate doctors have worked with Dr. Blum over the past few years and several veterinary students have come to the clinic to do a portion of their training with Dr. Blum. All these professionals bring new ideas and techniques to the clinic. The professional staff is also very dedicated to constantly continuing their education through regular attendance at seminars and workshops. Everyone associated with the clinic sincerely hopes that this history of growth, innovation, and technological advancement will continue into the future.