Flea and Tick Prevention

Pets are vulnerable to several parasites, and it's essential to prevent them the best that you can to help protect your pets from several serious diseases and conditions. For flea and tick control, medications are needed to keep pets safer.

If your pet isn't on a prevention medication, you must see a vet in Holden, MO. For your pet's appointment, call our animal clinic in Holden. In addition, your pet needs to get a complete health exam every year. This exam is an excellent time to put your pet on flea and tick prevention medication.


Flea and Tick Medications

Many of these medications on the market are effective at keeping fleas and ticks away from pets. There are pills that pets can take, often placed into another food such as peanut butter or cheese. Other flea and tick medications are flavored tablets that a pet can swallow. There are also many chewable medications that pets will love to chew and eat.

There are also injections that a pet can get to keep fleas and ticks away for as long as a full year. All these medications can help safeguard your pet's health so that they are less vulnerable to the many diseases that these parasites spread.

Diseases from Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are often considered nothing more than a nuisance that can make a pet itchy. However, they are far more dangerous than that. Both fleas and ticks can spread several serious bacterial diseases to pets. Some of these can even be life-threatening. Fleas can cause terrible allergic reactions in pets with their bites, and they can spread a host of infections. Ticks can apply some of the worst pet diseases, spreading things like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and deadly Lyme disease. We can prevent these diseases in your pet by putting them on flea and tick medication that will keep these pests away from them. No pet deserves to have parasites, and you can ensure they won't get them and the diseases that come with them.

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