Dental Care

Learn More About Dental Care with Holden Animal Clinic

At Holden Animal Clinic in MO, we work hard to protect your pets from illnesses and diseases that could harm them. One of the things we do to help is provide dental care for dogs, cats and other animals. 


Dental care is an important aspect of your pet's health. If they have pain or trouble with their teeth, they may not eat well or could have other consequences. We are here to help by addressing those issues and helping them feel better. 

The Importance of Dental Care

Dental care is an important service that we provide at Holden Animal Clinic in MO. We offer dental care and cleanings, helping prevent tooth loss, gingivitis and cavities. We can address problems with puppy teeth and injuries as well. 

When you come in for any routine care, we will provide you with information on potential problems and help you decide how you would like to move forward. 

Proper dental care prevents a wide number of diseases from affecting your pet. One of the most common issues, periodontal disease, happens when too many bacteria builds up in the mouth. Plague forms a film over your pet's teeth, and that can eventually lead to tartar build up, gingivitis and infections. Your pet's teeth could become loose, break or fall out. 

How Can You Help with Your Pet's Dental Care?

At home, you can take simple steps like keeping your pet's teeth clean and healthy. Brush their teeth daily to prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque. If that is not possible, you can also use foam oral products or liquid oral products to help remove plaque and tartar from your pet's mouth.

It is important to schedule at least an annual visit to your veterinarian to address your pet's teeth as well. A deep cleaning may help keep their mouths much cleaner and healthier. 

Schedule a Dental Cleaning and Save Your Pet's Teeth

At Holden Animal Clinic in MO, we are prepared to perform routine dental cleanings and to treat other dental issues. Let us help keep your pet our of pain and address dysfunction. Call us to schedule an appointment by calling or 800-342-7680. We would be happy to speak with you more about the routine care and treatments that we would suggest for your pet as well. We are open from Monday through Saturday, so it is easier for you to make an appointment.