Pet Dental Care

Pet Teeth Cleaning Services


Keeping your pet's teeth clean and healthy is an important part of their overall health. Poor dental health can lead to a variety of painful conditions, including difficulty eating and even serious health issues such as kidney disease. When providing the best cat and dog care for your pet, you'll want to make sure to include dental and oral care. The professionals at our animal clinic, Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc., in Holden, MO, can provide pet teeth cleaning for both dogs and cats. 



Symptoms of Dental Problems in Pets

There are several symptoms of dental issues in dogs and cats you'll want to watch for, including:

    • Excessive drooling
    • Bad breath
    • Broken teeth
    • Bleeding gums
    • Difficulty eating


Dental Diseases that Can Affect Dogs and Cats

There are several diseases that can result from poor dental hygiene, including periodontal disease and decaying and broken teeth. A smaller animal may even suffer from a broken jaw. Bacteria in the mouth can also get into the bloodstream and affect major organs in the body. Diseases in the liver and kidneys can develop because of poor dental care. A pet can also develop heart disease due to inflammation related to dental problems. You'll want to make sure your pet receives regular pet teeth cleaning as part of your cat and dog care routine.


Prevention and Treatment

To prevent dental problems and potentially serious diseases, you'll want to start and maintain a healthy routine for your pet. Besides a regular professional cleaning from your veterinarian, you may want to brush your pet's teeth regularly yourself. Check with your vet to make sure you choose a toothpaste that isn't toxic to cats or dogs. The right diet can also keep teeth and gums healthy. Your vet can suggest the best food to feed your cat or dog. Finally, make sure to bring your pet in for regular wellness exams that include dental check-ups.


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