Pet Dermatology Care

If you have pets with skin conditions or allergies and you live in Holden, MO, bring them to us at Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc., where they can get dermatology treatment and preventive care. 

pet dermatology

Types of Conditions

Pets can be just like people and have sensitive skin or be prone to having allergic reactions on their skin. They could even wind up getting skin cancer. Pets can also develop fungi or infections from their skin as well. Pet dermatology care can be important in prevention these conditions and making sure your pet is happy and healthy

Pet Diagnosis and Treatment

You need to know if your pet is developing a serious dermatology condition. It could be directly caused by something like one dog rubbing up against another and transferring a fungus to another dog. A secondary infection could be due to the first infection. We will be able to figure it out using different methods

There are some breeds of pets that need to get some more care than others. Bulldogs, for example, have a lot of wrinkles and folds. If those areas are not cleaned regularly, there's a chance of fungus building up there. Our vet can show you the proper way to clean your pet and also give you some medication to clear up any current outbreak.

Most of these issues are easily prevented with things like regular baths with a specially-formulated shampoo. Your pets may still have to take some antibiotics to recover, however. The important part is to get a pet diagnosis early on. You don't want to worry that it could get worse as time goes on. Early treatment can be important to help your pet recover so that he will be like before they got the skin condition.

Get Preventive Care, Pet Diagnosis, and Dermatology Treatment from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Clinic

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