Pet Vaccination as a Missouri Resident

Your responsibilities as a pet owner don’t end with feeding and giving your animal companion shelter. To become a responsible pet owner, you must also take care of your companion’s vaccinations. The Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. can handle your pet’s vaccination needs.

Don’t delay action when it comes to pet vaccination. Continuing with this article, you can better understand why animal vaccines are so important.

Pet Vaccination

Why Pet Vaccination Is Necessary

If you’re a first-time pet owner, you may not realize how expensive it is to care for an animal. Between your pet’s food and necessary equipment, the budget you’ve set aside for your pet may already be depleted.

Because your budget is depleted, you may be tempted to hold off on getting their vaccines. Refrain from making that mistake. Instead, ensure you have leftover funds, because getting your pet vaccinated on time is crucial.

First off, securing an animal vaccination is required in the state of Missouri. To be more specific, all dog owners must vaccinate their canine companions against rabies. Consult with the authorities in your area to learn more about the particular vaccination guidelines there.

If your unvaccinated dog bites someone, you may be on the hook for the victim’s medical expenses.

It’s essential to get the rabies vaccine quickly. Remember, too, that a veterinarian must administer it, so drop by your local animal clinic to get it done.

Beyond the legal concerns, you should secure animal vaccination for your pet because it protects them from potentially deadly diseases. In addition, give your beloved pet a great chance of living a long and healthy life by vaccinating them on time.

When to The Vaccines Your Pet Needs

Before heading to the animal clinic, you should know what vaccinations your pet will need. These are known as the core vaccines and vary for cats and dogs.

Canine core vaccines include the adenovirus, the parvovirus, distemper, and rabies. The first doses of the adenovirus, parvovirus, and distemper vaccines will likely be the earliest ones your pet gets. They can be administered as soon as your pet turns six weeks old.

With cats, the core vaccines protect against the calicivirus, the feline herpes virus, distemper, and rabies. Like dogs, you can schedule your cat’s first animal vaccination appointment when they are six weeks old.

Schedule Your Pet’s Vaccination Today!

Vaccinating on time can save your family and pet from potentially tragic scenarios. Let us at the Holden Animal Clinic & Supply, Inc. handle those vaccinations, so you can put your mind at ease. Visit our Holden, MO clinic if you want stress-free immunization for your pet! Call our office today at (800) 342-7680 or (816) 732-4412.