Holden Veterinarian Clinic Services

It can be overwhelming to find the right veterinarian in Holden for your pets. Whether you're looking for routine check-ups or specialized treatment, such as dental care, you need to know that your animal friends will receive services from someone with their best interest in mind.

What We Offer at Holden Animal Clinic

We provide a range of services to suit your pet's individual needs. Whether you have a common household pet like a dog or cat you plan to bring in or something more out of the ordinary like cattle, we're here to assist you with top-notch care for the animals in your life.

Here are just a few of our Holden veterinarian services:

  • Routine care like health reviews, vaccinations, and check-ups
  • Reproduction services for canines, like C-Section surgery, and IDEXX progesterone testing
  • Emergency care including surgeries, administration of medication, procedures for poison control, and other critical services
  • Preventative services such as diet intervention, spaying and neutering, mobile ultrasound services for livestock and horses, and dental care
  • Livestock management such as giving supplements and minerals, providing cattle show supplies, and advice for management and care
  • Pet boarding and grooming services which include offering a place to stay (board), simple bathing, and trimming

Regardless of what services you want or need for your pet or animals who are in your care, make sure to discuss at length what is involved and what you can expect in terms of aftercare routines and any complications you should look out for in the animal.

Which Routine Services Are Most Important?

Once a year, you should bring your pet in for veterinary services. A check-up should include a basic dental exam with a teeth and gum cleaning. If you have made a first-time appointment at our clinic, you should bring in any health history paperwork you have available. You can also have your pet's last veterinarian office send your pet's health history ahead of time for your convenience. This helps us avoid any issues with medications or supplies that your pet is allergic to, as well as know what conditions your pet may have that could affect treatment.

Holden Animal Clinic Is Here for You

When you're ready to set up an appointment or if you want more information from a veterinarian in Holden before you decide to visit our clinic, give us a call at 816-732-4412. You can also send a message via the online form to our professional Holden veterinarian as soon as possible.